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Wednesday, November 24, 2004

Thanksgiving Day

Well, my absolutely favorite holiday of all has come: Thanksgiving. No real mythology to speak of, no-one insisting that you focus on the real meaning of the day--just family, food, and gratitude that we live in a wonderful place.

Have fun, everyone!

How to make chopped liver (in case there are still a few cubic millimeters of space in your stomach unaccounted for):

Hard boil two eggs.

Chop a couple of onions. Glaze in butter (well, properly speaking schmaltz--rendered chicken fat--but butter'll do in a pinch).

Add the liver to the pan. Cook in the butter.

Pour liver and onions into a wooden bowl. Add the eggs. Chop until your arm falls off (or until things are looking yummy).
Spice with paprika, garlic, and pepper to taste.

Chill and serve.

We'll get back to politics on Monday, after we're all just that much more spherical.


Blogger Key said...

What am I, chopped liver?

There's a reason that term has a negative association...bleck. double-bleck!

I'll pass this on to my freakish family, who is known to not only LOVE them some chopped livah, they can also kill a plate full of swampish looking greens.

(Yes, they do think I'M the freak...)

4:34 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

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